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D-Tech International Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high performance technology products and services for public space locations in the UK and overseas. Our success has been built in the library sector but in recent years we have seen an increase in cross-sector demand for our EM, RF, RFIQ and RFID technologies for tracking, managing, protecting and forecasting demand.


D-Tech’s serveIT is a new concept with ground-breaking design and technology features. Users have everything they need at their finger tips. Our cost-effective serveIT range gives you all the options you need for an efficient service.


serveIT self-service library checkout system


D-Tech have been designing, refining, manufacturing and installing specialist security systems for two decades. Our secureIT range of products are at the forefront of technology and quality for library security in Europe and the USA.


Vending & Holds

Our holdIT and lendIT systems are the most advanced 24-hour lending machines available on the market. From pharmacies to libraries, our machines can be stocked with a infinitely wide variety of lending media and saleable goods.


computeIT- Laptop Vending Machine Dispensing Kiosk Library

People Counting

Track visitor usage and evaluate footfall with our countIT range of standard and thermal people counters. Our powerful, unobtrusive systems report with class-leading accuracy giving you valuable data via easy-to-use software.



Device Self Service

Free your library or study area from cables, network points, PCs and fixed furniture with the computeIT laptop self-service unit. Store and supply up to 96 laptops or iPads, all charged, updated and ready to go. 24/7 systems also available.



Improve your Contactless Capabilities

In response to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, D-Tech has adapted our solutions wherever possible to help our customers create transactions with less or zero contact. These measures include the introduction of a 72 hour contact barrier on physical media for certain products.


D-Techs state of the art holdIT library reservations kiosk is easy to use

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“70% of transactions are through our new RFID kiosks”

When Dorset Library Service required modernised self-service kiosks to improve functionality, integrate with the Service’s digital strategy, and provide improved access for people with disabilities. The new D-Tech International installation has delivered the desired improvement in accessibility and functionality, and also provided multiple payment options.

Epsom and St Helier Library and Information Services

When one of Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals Library and Information Services’ library sites was being relocated, it was seen as a good opportunity to upgrade the library technology and improve the services offered to users. D-Tech International installed a RFID security system, self-service units and StaffPads at both sites, expanding services, improving the user experience and enabling a better use of staff resources.

“70% of transactions are through our new RFID kiosks”

“Epsom and St Helier Library and Information Services

D-Tech conquers the market with installation at the American University of Rome

The American University of Rome was refurbishing its main computer lab to provide a multi-functional study/social space for students. The university needed a solution for storing and loaning laptops top improve the student experience and give faster access to computers that can be used anywhere within the building. D-Tech supplied and installed a 12 locker ComputeIT cabinet which allows students to check out laptops with their AUR ID card and has advanced system integration functionality.

All Hours Access

D-Tech’s self-service LendIT kiosk is providing access for people who can’t make it to the library during opening times and allows everybody in the community to take advantage of their library facilities. Read more about how D-Tech’s LendIT kiosks are helping libraries across America in this article from American Libraries Magazine. D-Tech’s self-service library vending machine, LendIT, can be placed anywhere with a power outlet and internet connection with a fixed IP address. That could be right outside the library building or in a shopping or community centre. Contact us to find out more.

D-Tech conquers the market with installation at the American University of Rome

All Hours Access