Supporting NHS, Healthcare and Hospital Libraries

Powering Knowledge Services

D-Tech has vast experience working with NHS Trusts and Hospitals throughout the UK to meet the wide variety of library requirements presented by healthcare facilities.

Whether you are seeking a reliable, cost-effective solution for efficient self-checkout, reliable RFID security, secure self-service dispensing of books or IT equipment, or even a book vending solution for distributing books and other media items to staff or patients, D-Tech is here help thanks to its range of high performance library technology solutions and industry-leading aftercare.

Supporting Library and Knowledge Services

D-Tech delivers the high performance technology solutions that enable NHS libraries to provide convenient, simple and secure access to the print and electronic learning resources crucial to supporting healthcare staff and students in their research, continuing professional development (CPD) and delivery of patient care.

Self-Service Lending


A flexible, cost-effective self-service checkout kiosk, the serveIT TOLKIEN’s easy to use, 22” touch screen is designed to slot easily into any library. D-Tech’s is counter or desktop solution is popular with many of our healthcare customers, due to its combination of high performance and compact size, functionality and flexibility, without compromising on integration. Plus, as with all D-Tech products, the serveIT TOLKIEN comes with our full support service and 2-year warranty.

serveIT EYRE

For library facilities with extra space searching for that little bit extra functionality, the serveIT EYRE is designed to maximise self-service functionality and minimise floor space. Alongside its large checkout area and 23.8” touch screen, the free-standing serveIT EYRE allows your users to pay fines and fees using a credit card, including contactless payments, coin and note acceptor with change functionality, and even Apple Pay™.

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Create peace of mind with Secure Lending

Every librarian deserves the peace of mind that their assets are secure. D-Tech’s secureIT range of library security systems strives to cater for the security and budgetary requirements of every library. From enhanced, high-end equipment to simple, budget conscious solutions, our secureIT range of security gates and systems helps libraries save money by ensuring valuable items and equipment only leave when they’re supposed to, dramatically reducing the cost of replacing stock.

Our stylish range also integrates simply with other D-Tech solutions, such as serveIT and computeIT, to deliver a comprehensive security solution.

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Secure, Self-Service IT Lending

Give all library users access to web resources, your online catalogue, health related databases, online journals, e-books and e-learning packages.

computeIT is a self-service laptop dispensing kiosk designed to safely store, charge and issue laptops and other devices to authorised via a user-friendly touch screen interface. Individual user bays are the optimum size to store most makes and models of laptop, netbook, PC tablet or iPads and deliver a secure charging environment. A modular system starting with 12 device bays, computeIT can be tailored to suit the requirements of any library or learning environment.

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The vending machine for books

lendIT is a book vending machine that lets you give staff, students and/or patients secure, round the clock access to up to a thousand library books, media and other items.

lendIT can hold and dispense anywhere from 200 to 1000 items, including books, CDs, DVDs and audiobooks, to patrons using their library, user or system ID card. Plus, lendIT can be placed internally or externally to deliver a secure 24/7 lending solution.

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Collection Reservations 24/7

holdIT is a self-service reservations kiosk that allows users to collect library items at any time, day or night and, like lendIT, holdIT can be inside or outside your library to give your users 24/7 access to their reservations.

holdIT gives your users greater opportunity to utilise library materials, without allowing unauthorised users to gain access.

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Keep your catalogue up to date

The S4 Workstation allows you to programme stock as well as process multiple items simultaneously with no false reads, thanks to its unique one-read-location ability. Part of D-Tech’s processIT range, the S4 Workstation can operate as an out-of-sight or desktop processing solution.


Simple, compatible RFID labels suitable for today’s multimedia library offering.