The next generation in self-service library technology

Bigger Screen? Better accessibility? Simpler User Experience? In a smaller, space-saving unit?

Meet the new serveIT range

Is your library searching for better self-service experience for your patrons? Meet the serveIT EYRE and the serveIT TOLKIEN. D-Tech’s new serveIT range of multi-functionality library kiosks combines a large, simple-to-use touch screen with better accessibility to deliver an exceptional user experience, encased in a sleek, space-saving package.

Named in recognition of some of history’s most iconic literary names and characters, D-Tech’s new library self-service systems fulfil both barcode only and RFID self-checkout requirements.

serveIT EYRE

The new serveIT EYRE is an exciting addition to our line of library self-service kiosk systems. Available in Barcode Only and RFID configurations, the EYRE delivers maximum functionality for library users, while minimising floor space.

Capable of checking out RFID tagged materials and barcoded items, the EYRE self-service kiosk also includes credit card, Contactless and Apple Pay™ functionality.

The unit’s 23.8″ portrait touch screen is the very definition of user friendly, it’s easy-to-follow instructions, combined with a large checkout area suitable for multiple materials, ensures that the EYRE delivers a simple, successful transaction for every library user.

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Is your library searching for a bigger screen, better accessibility and simpler user experience housed in a smaller self-service unit? D-Tech’s new serveIT TOLKIEN kiosk delivers exceptional space saving without compromising on performance, integration or functionality.

Ideal for libraries looking to save space, or who simply love how much the TOLKIEN packs in, this flexible, self-service kiosk integrates with your existing library furniture, and is also available as a free-standing or wall-mounted self-checkout solution.

Designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint, the free-standing TOLKIEN sits on your counter, desktop or any other library furniture, while its RFID element provides enhanced protection and throughput.

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“70% of transactions are through our new RFID kiosks”

Dorset Library Service required modernised self-service kiosks to improve functionality, integrate with the Service’s digital strategy, and provide improved access for people with disabilities.

The new D-Tech International installation has delivered the desired improvement in accessibility and functionality, and also provided multiple payment options.

How will serveIT benefit your library?  

Enhanced User Experience

A bigger touch screen and simple to follow instructions makes serveIT easy-to-use for every patron.

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Improved Accessibility

Ensure patrons of any ability are able to enjoy a simple, successful transaction.

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Multiple Payment Functionality

Make it easier for patrons to pay fines and fees using their preferred method of payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Contactless, Chip & Pin and Coin & Note.

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serveIT EYRE library self service checkout kiosk

Simple Compatibility

Integrates easily with D-Tech’s leading range of library technology solutions, such as our secureIT RFID security solutions.

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serveIT library self service units at Plumstead Road

Maximise Patron Engagement

Self-service and self-checkout technology enables staff to spend more time engaging with customers, such as helping with reading choices and assisting with digital technology and the wide range of activities offered by modern libraries.

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The new serveIT range for 2020

serveIT EYRE library self service checkout kiosk

serveIT EYRE


  • Expandable kiosk design with small footprint
  • 23.8” portrait touch screen monitors
  • Barcode and/or RFID checkout of materials
  • Ergonomic design that meets DDA requirements
  • 3D patron library barcode card scanner for fast, accurate scans
  • New iNNOVATE D-Tech software for robust applications
  • Payment of fines and fees with optional PCI compliant credit card
    terminals, coin and bill acceptors, student accounts and Apple Pay™
  • Integrated receipt printer with low paper warning lights
  • Easy access compartments for staff to change receipt paper, empty
    and restock coin and bill acceptor
  • eBook lending by OverDrive
  • Available with WIFI network connection
  • Scheduled shut down and start-up of kiosk saves staff time
  • Choice of colors and optional RAL designer shades in durable
    powder coat finish

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serveIT TOLKIEN library self service checkout kiosk



  • Compatible with D-Tech 13.56 MHz RFID labels and items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers including multi vendor reading (MVR). Allowing reading of other RFID labels
  • D-Tech’s advanced digital RFID technology uses state of the art, digitally enhanced software to chip technology to ensure superior reading and writing of labels with false alarm free protection
  • Integrated barcode scanning as standard with the choice of adding biometrics and or Mifare/smart cards or biometrics for borrower ID
  • Software supports multi item issue, returns and renew functions, together with chip & pin and contactless payments.
  • Offline mode, statistics and email receipts as standard
  • Cloud AdminTool network access to change or configure the installed system
  • Desktop, wall mount or freestanding configurations available.

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Height (Desktop): 650mm
Height (Freestanding): 1450mm
Width: 550mm
Depth: 390mm
Power Supply: 110/240 Vac
  • MR102 (Feig)
  • Windows 10 PC USB connection to AFL Kiosk
  • 22” touch screen PC
Reading Performance: Label
Ring: 15cm (5.9″)
Video: 30cm (11.8″)
CD: 25cm (9.8″)
DVD: 25cm (9.8″)
Book: 30cm (11.8″)
Installation Requirements:
  • One double switched socket outlet 450mm from floor level
  • One single IP addressed network point same adjacent to above power outlet
  • WiFi connection as standard
AFI/EAS: Recommended AFI mode supported for security switching but EAS bit is also supported.

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