Developing our own software systems here in the UK means that we can keep costs down, performance up and gives us the flexibility to bespoke applications for different client needs and also to quickly and easily adapt to changes in data standards and current regulations.

Our software is also fully compatible with many other supplier labels which means that we can not only offer support to non D-Tech sites but also install our self service in sites which have previously been supported by other suppliers. Switching is easy and hassle free without any disruption to service and our research has shown that we are considerably more cost effective than competitor companies.


The new, upgraded software application for D-Tech’s serveIT suite of self-service solutions, serveIT iNNOVATE is a web-based, remotely accessible application that allows serveIT customers, and their patrons, to enjoy a new level of functionality from their self-service kiosks.

New Improved Features

  • Access to manageIT, our cloud-based remote-access administration application that will enable authorised staff members to adjust settings and fully customise one, some or all self-service kiosks within your estate
  • Email receipt facility in addition to a paper copy
  • Remote deployment of software updates
  • Full reporting tool inc. Payment Reconciliation and Usage
  • Notification and alerts facility inc. Paper Low and Kiosk Offline
  • Enhanced security requirements support the latest chip and PIN & Contactless devices (PCI DSS & P2PE)

Benefits of a cloud-based self-service solution

  • Significant reduction in local resource requirements
  • Increased reliability at the self-service unit, removing the threat of locally caused issues such as a corrupted database or failure of operating software.
  • Improved support capabilities
  • Simpler updates, including advances in functionality and additional features, ensure your services are up to date with the latest advances in technology, helping you future-proof your self-service solutions for you and your library users

Enhanced Support Capabilities

D-Tech prides itself on delivering industry-leading aftercare and support services, and the enhanced capabilities of iNNOVATE will allow our team to take the level of support to the next level. As a cloud-based solution with the capability to deploy changes immediately, as well as identify and solve issues remotely, iNNOVATE allows our team to assist you much more efficiently by finding solutions faster and, ultimately, far exceeds the support capabilities of previous software applications.

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iNNOVATE is fully compatible with equipment from a wide range of suppliers, allowing D-Tech to deliver cost-effective self-service software applications and support services to your library even if your equipment is installed by other suppliers. Switching to iNNOVATE is easy, hassle free and causes no service disruptions.

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D-Tech RFID Circulation


  • Fast reading
  • Clear information display
  • Switching AFI or EAS
  • Manual and Auto mode
  • Your standard LMS GUI used
  • Auto link with most LMS



D-Tech RFID Label Conversion

  • Compliant with ISO standard data models  (Danish – ISO28560-2)
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Weeding list
  • User login
  • Statistics (for each user)
  • RFID printer enabled
  • Restricted user accounts
  • Simple and easy to use
  • SIP2 and NCIP compliant
  • Multi label programming

D-Tech RFIQ Circulation

  • Fast reading
  • Clear information display
  • Switching AFI
  • Manual and Auto mode
  • Stack reading or single reading
  • Your standard LMS GUI used
  • SIP2 and NCIP complaint or use without LMS.

D-Tech RFID Wand

  • Light and easy to use
  • No cables (Bluetooth connection)
  • 4 hour battery life (continues use)
  • 2 hour charge up time
  • Inventory
  • Search for items
  • Alerts
  • Easy file transfer
  • Multiple tasks simultaneously Here

Software Products

D-Tech RFID Circulation


  • Fast reading
  • Clear information display
  • Switching AFI or EAS
  • Manual and Auto mode
  • Your standard LMS GUI used
  • Auto link with most LMS



D-Tech GateViewer Software

  • Clear item display
  • Warning pop up windows
  • E-Mail alerts
  • SIP2 and NCIP complaint
  • Item search option
  • Export data
  • TCP/IP connection
  • Multiple reader connection to one display


D-Tech RFID LMS Tester

  • Simple Clear user display
  • SIP2 Connection settings
  • Auto Log file
  • Remote Collection of data
  • All Sip2 Commands supported
  • Input single SIP2 data command
  • Payments supported
  • Password suppoted
  • Telnet connection support
  • TCP/IP

D-Tech Laptop Self Service


  • Simple Clear user display
  • Auto Offline mode
  • Statistics
  • Remote Admin Tool for Management
  • 50 Languages
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Payments (coin, notes, credit card, mobile phone)
  • Totally customizable GUI
  • 12 – 100 laptop bays supported
  • Allocation of fully charged laptop only
  • DDA Compliant
  • SIP2 Complaint