Smart Locker Solutions for Education

Enhancing security and convenience

D-Tech’s SMART range is designed to revolutionise the way students and staff interact with storage spaces, offering a secure, contactless, and convenient experience.

Enjoy the freedom to mix and match features to create your perfect all-in-one locker solution. Choose from device charging lockers, media vending, or self-service solutions, and embrace the future of storage with D-Tech’s SMART range.

What are the Benefits of SMART Lockers for Education?

Enhanced Security

The safety and security of valuables is a top priority for schools and universities. The SMART range features advanced authentication methods to allow access to authorised users only. The robust steel chassis also minimises the risk of theft and unauthorised access, protecting valuable devices such as laptops, tablets, and personal items.

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Contactless and Hygienic

In today’s world, maintaining a hygienic environment to work and learn is crucial. Self-service smart lockers can loan fully charged devices to students 24 hours a day with zero staff interaction. This reduces the spread of germs and provides peace of mind for students, staff, and parents. The SMART range delivers a seamless and hygienic experience to keep your educational facility operating at its best.

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Maximum Efficiency

Say goodbye to congested corridors and locker rooms during peak hours. Our automated locker system enables quick and easy storage and retrieval of personal belongings, books, devices, and other items. Students and staff will save valuable time and boost their productivity.

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Real-time Monitoring and Tracking

Gain real-time insights into locker usage and occupancy. Administrators can easily monitor locker allocation and identify underused or overused lockers to optimise distribution to meet the demands of your facility.

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Smooth Integration

Each educational institution is different. That’s why we have built the SMART range on a flexible platform to seamlessly integrate with your student ID systems or other software to provide a simple and user-friendly experience for all.

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Intelligent Accessibility

Maximise locker space with our on-demand allocation system. Lockers lower to the ground are marked on the system so that easily accessible lockers can be allocated to those who may need them. A range of accessible options are available on-screen such as language choice and text size. The SMART range ensures every student and teacher has equal access to resources.

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Personalise Your Look

D-Tech offers a custom wrapping service. Add your school or university crest, colours, or slogan for on-brand lockers that look as smart as they perform.

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mix and match any SMART capability to create your perfect all-in-one SMART locker


Pick Up Lockers with SMART Holding

Enable intelligent, self-service capability for smart locker solutions

SMART Charge

IT Asset Management with SMART Charging

Create a secure, centralised IT asset management environment


Integrated Self-Service Item Lending

Enable self-service RFID lending within your smart locker


Lend anything, anywhere with SMART Lending

Simple smart lending of any item to authorised users, any time or anywhere!

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