Smart Locker Solutions for Warehouse Management

Automating warehouse operations

D-Tech’s SMART locker range allows quick and easy access to devices, making everyday tasks such as inventory management and collection and drop-off of items a breeze.

The SMART range gives you the freedom to mix and match a range of features to create your perfect all-in-one smart locker solution. Choose from device charging and storage lockers, or a range of self-service solutions to boost operational efficiency, enhance security, and improve staff and customer experience.

What are the Benefits of SMART Lockers for Warehouse Management?

Always Keep Track of Devices

Managing tablets and other devices in a distribution facility can be challenging. The SMART range tracks which user has checked out which device with a smart audit trail feature. Charging lockers ensure that each device is ready to go when it’s required, providing your staff with a seamless experience.

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Customisable Configurations

We understand that every warehouse is different, which is why our smart lockers are fully customisable to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s storing and charging devices, holding items, or self-service capabilities, our lockers can be configured to suit your warehouse’s needs perfectly.

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Streamlined Operations

Efficiency is key in a warehouse or distribution centre. With our SMART range, authorised staff can easily access fully charged devices, improving efficiency, and reducing retrieval times. You no longer need to worry about misplaced items and time-consuming searches, allowing your team to focus on moving inventory around with ease.

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Contactless and Hygienic

Hygiene has never been more important. The SMART range features self-service capabilities enabling seamless drop-off and pick-up of devices or items, eliminating unnecessary contact, and minimising the risk of spreading germs.

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Seamless Integration

D-Tech’s SMART lockers are designed with security and simplicity in mind. Designed on a flexible platform, the lockers easily integrate with warehouse software and applications, making implementation and adoption a breeze.

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‘Awesome’ Support

Benefit from D-Tech’s legendary aftercare product support. Our dedicated support team is always available to address any inquiries, technical issues, or assistance you may require. 98% of customers rate D-Tech’s customer service as ‘awesome’*!

*Based on customer data in the last 12 months

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Personalise Your Look

D-Tech offers a custom wrapping service. Add your logo, important information, or other graphics, for lockers that look as smart as they perform.

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mix and match any SMART capability to create your perfect all-in-one SMART locker


Pick Up Lockers with SMART Holding

Enable intelligent, self-service capability for smart locker solutions

SMART Charge

IT Asset Management with SMART Charging

Create a secure, centralised IT asset management environment


Lend anything, anywhere with SMART Lending

Simple smart lending of any item to authorised users, any time or anywhere!

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