What is LCF?

Library Communication Framework (or LCF) is a modern framework, based on web protocols, that builds on the foundations that SIP2 laid in the early years. The framework continues support for all existing functions, but supplements the basics with a range of calls that not only allow self-service systems to communicate more efficiently with the ILS/LMS, but opens up bi-directional communication to a range of other devices – such as handheld inventory devices.


Why is D-Tech committed to LCF?

Although SIP2 has been extremely effective in allowing self-service equipment to talk with the ILS/LMS, it does have some restrictions. For example, it’s not possible to query or update patron details using the protocol. As self-service becomes more prevalent in the daily lives of everyone, it’s increasingly important that these products offer more functionality – LCF allows us to do this.

Why are we excited about LCF?

We believe that LCF will deliver tremendous benefits to libraries, and especially to librarians – we’ve recently covered this in our blog ‘5 Reasons we are excited about LCF’

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LCF Charter

As a company supporting the BIC Library Communications Framework (LCF) we are committed to its adoption and evolution by:


  • Working within the framework


We will adopt and implement all appropriate new functionality using the framework and adhere to the standards and direction being followed by the LCF group in working towards solutions which remain fully interoperable between vendors of Library systems / applications.



  • Promoting and implementing the framework


We will work collaboratively with others supporting the charter to ensure that all developments remain open and accessible for others to implement via the framework. We will educate others about the success of developments achieved using the framework  and support others to understand the importance and purpose of the framework and why adoption benefits all parties.



  • Helping to support the advancement and use of


We will pro-actively demonstrate and contribute to helping educate others on the use and benefits of LCF and share any relevant learning’s back to those committed to this charter. We will make suggestions and contribute back to the LCF working group on any further functionality needed or where amendments to the specification are felt to be required.

For more information on the commitment the UK industry is giving to LCF, please see the joint press release issued by BIC on October 2nd 2015.


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