RFID Tags and Labels for Library Books and Media

Simple, comprehensive RFID label tags for library books and other media

trackIT RFID Library Tags

RFID tags for library books and multimedia

trackIT is the RFID label range from leading library technology provider D-Tech International, delivering RFID tags for library books and other media.

How could RFID library tags and labels create value for you?

Simple Compatibility

D-Tech’s RFID label range provides a label for most formats of stock. trackIT RFID library book tags works with the complete range of D-Tech 13.5 MHz RFID labels as well as items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers.

Suitable for Multimedia

trackIT RFID library book tags come in a variety of shape design and formats suitable for virtually all modern and current library materials, including CDs and DVDs.

Optimum Performance

All of D-Tech’s RFID library tags and labels have been matched to the hardware components to provide best performance.

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