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computeIT- Laptop Vending Machine Dispensing Kiosk Library

What is computeIT?

D-Tech’s computeIT is a self-service laptop dispensing kiosk. Perfect for laptop loan lockers or vending, computeIT is designed to safely store, charge and issue laptops and other similar devices to customers via a user-friendly touch screen interface.

Available from 12 bays, the computeIT modular locker system can be tailored to suit the needs of any library or public space. With its steel chassis and doors that come in a range of colours to complement your library aesthetics, computeIT is an extremely secure centralised location to entrust with valued mobile ICT equipment, providing effective crime prevention as well as ICT management.

Individual user bays are the optimum size to store most makes and models of laptop, netbook, PC tablet or iPads and offer a safe charging environment for access by users of all ages, ideal for community spaces, public and academic libraries.

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How will computeIT benefit your organisation?

Improved Contact-Reducing Capabilities

computeIT can safely hold your devices for 72 hours between uses to reduce the risk of contamination.

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Heightened Security

Desktops may be bulky, but they are always going to be accessible to thieves, sat on top of desks. Laptops, however, can be stored securely in steel chassis lockers; which also provide a safe charging station.

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Improved Flexibility

With the computeIT self-service dispensing kiosk, your laptops can go anywhere you want them to! Library patrons can take their checked-out laptop to their favourite library area, whilst schools can take them on field trips, and to the classroom. The portability of laptops makes it easier to make notes, complete worksheets, save work, and research, and with the removal of bulky desktops in the library, there will be more room for other library initiatives.

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Smart Charge Deployment

Never lend a device with low battery

Don’t make your users endure the frustration of checking out a device to work on, only for it to run out of battery minutes later. When a device is returned to the computeIT lending bay, it is not made available for loan until the battery reaches a certain charge percentage, set by you, to ensure that every device you lend a user is sufficiently charged to complete their task.

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Increased Interactivity

Children love technology, and they understand it. Many students who would struggle with a more traditional style of learning can grasp difficult concepts through technology, and the gamification of many aspects of learning enables many students to be more engaged in their studies than they would be with a textbook. Could our laptop vending machine solution help engage your students?

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Cost Effective

As the world moves away from the desktop, flexible solutions such as laptop loan lockers provide a broad range of budgeting options depending on your needs and the requirements of your students. From very basic tablets and notebooks to high-performing laptops. Another very cost-effective option could be to allow your students the opportunity to bring their own device (BYOD), particularly as they move up through education towards Higher Education.

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Available in Wide Colour Range

computeIT comes in a wide range of colours. Try our NEW online colour selector to see what yours could look like.

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For heightened security, parameters can also be set and linked to our secureIT system to ensure patrons only use library laptops in certain areas. Discover more about secureIT.

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