countIT™ – Thermal Imaging People Counter

D-Tech’s internal, ceiling mounted, thermal imaging technology is now available to use in open place areas to detect numbers and trends of customer groups at counters, entrances and exits providing fast, accurate data on how, when and where a location is being used.

The award winning technology is used by major high street retailers to beat queues and anticipate demand at checkouts.

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  • Small, discrete ceiling mounted counters
  • 98% accuracy over a 30 meter area
  • No unsightly posts or obstructions
  • Details of count by time, date, hour and minutes
  • Sensitive readers with privacy retained
  • Direct interface to PC
  • Easily integrated with existing system
  • Data from up to 30 locations
  • Award winning technology
  • All data feedback to one location
  • Up to 100 counters per software application across multiple locations
  • Exportable data into Excel for use with graphs and pivot tables
  • Automatic counting mode and storage
  • D-Tech software IP enabled and web viewing facilitated.


Counter Height: 55mm
Counter Width: 105mm
Counter Weight: 0.22kg
Materials: Plastic casing
Power Supply: 220/240 Socket supply with a i2vdc adaptor or power injector through the network cable.
Performance: 98% accuracy
Installation Requirements:
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Minimum ceiling height of 2.4m
  • Network point near the counter
  • PC or server
Location: The system location and layout is to be detailed and decided upon by the D-Tech project manager liaising in conjunction with the client team.Software is installed on a local PC or server.