24/7 Self-Service Library Book Pickup Lockers

An automated self-service reservations kiosk which extends the reach, capability and service provision of your library, SMART Hold combines steel with advanced software to deliver the next generation of library pickup lockers. An intelligent, stylish and, above all, secure self-service locker solution, SMART Hold lockers provide the ideal solution for lending books and other library media outside of your library’s opening hours, and even outside of your library!

The SMART locker system for your library

A fully integrated smart storage, collection and drop-off solution, SMART Hold can be positioned in either internal or external conditions – thanks to its weather-resistant and robust heavy gauge steel chassis – to give your patrons 24/7 access to their library via a secure self-service collection point. Plus, thanks to the very latest in access technology, you can be confident that patrons will only ever be able to gain access to lockers containing their reserved items.

How could a SMART library pickup locker solution benefit your patrons?

Our SMART Hold library pickup lockers are


The chassis of our SMART Hold reservations locker is built using heavy gauge steel, which is seam welded to add extra strength and durability to your unit – making SMART one of the most secure and robust laptop kiosk solutions on the market. For additional security, the kiosk is specifically designed to minimise any gaps between the doors of each locker bay, which are secured by heavy duty locks boasting a tensile strength exceeding 300kg – ensuring devices are only accessed by authorised users.

Simple to Allocate, Load and Pickup

Thanks to its fully cloud-based backend, it’s easy for library staff to remotely allocate SMART Hold pickup lockers with reserved items such as books via its client application. By simply scanning the item(s) using the associated software application, SMART Hold allocates an empty locker and prints a receipt with a unique barcode that indicates the item(s) and locker number. To load, a staff member just scans the barcode on the receipt that is relevant to the reserved item(s) which will automatically unlock the correct locker. This enables them to place the item(s) inside and then close the door. The user accesses their items by scanning their user card that prompts SMART Hold to list their items on the touch screen. The user then selects the ‘accept’ button that then opens the correct locker and the items are retrieved.

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Our SMART Hold library pickup lockers offer an


SMART Hold lockers provide the perfect solution for either an internal or external installation outside or within your library facility.

Pickup lockers that can live outside your library

With a weather-resistant, anti-corrosive frame, and market-leading security features, your SMART Hold kiosk can securely live outside of your library walls whatever the conditions.

Use our 1000+ nit touchscreen in direct sunlight

Add in the option to include a 1000+ nit touchscreen that enables successful interactions even in in direct sunlight, and SMART Hold can offer your patrons true 24/7 access to library materials.

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Our SMART Hold pickup lockers are


Flexibility is one of the leading features of D-Tech’s SMART locker range. Available from 9 to 100+ SMART Hold pickup lockers, with a wide range of intelligent access options including ID card, Barcode scan, Mifare and many more. Plus, because SMART is a modular, multi-bay kiosk solution, it’s easy to add more lockers at any time!

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Our SMART Hold library pickup lockers are


From a wide range of colour choices to our fully customisable wrapping service, SMART Hold lockers are available in a wide range of finishes to ensure your solution fits seamlessly into your environment. You can even choose the colour of your unit’s LED backlighting.

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Our SMART Hold library pickup lockers are


At D-Tech, we believe that accessibility and inclusivity should be placed at the centre of all present and future technology solutions. With this in mind, the SMART range includes many accessibility features to ensure that it is always an inclusive solution.

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Market-leading features of SMART Hold Library Pickup Lockers

No matter your requirements, SMART Hold will meet them

  • Intuitive user operation via a superior touchscreen interface, including 1000+ nit option for external installations – enabling use in any lighting conditions including direct sunlight
  • Steel chassis, intelligent access and real-time audit trail create a secure storage environment
  • Wide range of intelligent access options include: ID card (inc. RFID and Smart Card), Barcode scan, Mifare and many more
  • Available in a wide range of finishes including our fully customisable wrapping service
  • Intuitive operation makes SMART Hold easy-to-use for staff and service users to load and collect
  • Fully cloud-based backend enables simple, real-time remote management including event processing for auditing purposes
  • Integrates with your existing Database Management Software via Active Directory
  • Available from 9 SMART locker bays up to 100+ depending on your requirements
  • Modular design allows for the simple addition of new lockers of any SMART capability at a later date

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I need more than one capability – can I combine them in a single smart locker?

With the D-Tech SMART range, the answer is a resounding yes! Because we design, develop and build all of our SMART range solutions in-house and to order, we can combine all the capabilities you require into a single, smart locker solution.

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The SMART Range of capabilities


Pick Up Lockers with SMART Holding Lockers

Enable intelligent, self-service capability for smart locker solutions

SMART Charge

IT Asset Management with SMART Device Lockers

Create a secure, centralised IT asset management environment


Lend anything, anywhere with SMART Lending

Simple smart lending of any item to authorised users, any time or anywhere!


Enable self-service RFID lending within your smart locker

mix and match any SMART capability to create your perfect all-in-one SMART locker

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