24/7 Self-Service Library Book Pickup Lockers

What is holdIT?

Library Lending in a 24/7 World

Would you like to extend your library lending hours without paying for additional staffing resources?

holdIT is a self-service reservations kiosk and collection point that gives your patrons secure access to library loans around the clock, extending the capabilities of your library without the need for extra staff.

Due to a combination of people working unsociable hours and increased expectations, of younger generations in particular developed by the instant world of the internet, means that every service has the opportunity create a competitive advantage by delivering newer, better and longer solutions to their users, and libraries are no exception!

holdIT is a safe, secure and cost-effective way to extend library loaning hours without the need to find or secure additional funding for extra staffing resources. holdIT is so secure it can even live outside of your library walls, giving your patrons 24/7 access to reserved library loans.

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Available with 72 hour lending barrier

Improved Contact-Reducing Capabilities

holdIT’s NEW updated software creates improved contact-reducing capabilities, which allow borrowers to collect reservations simply by presenting their barcoded ID card, removing the need to for your patrons to use the touch-screen to access their items.

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Longer Lending Hours

holdIT gives your patrons 24/7 access to library loans without the need for extra staff.

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Increased Security

holdIT is a secure solution which can be placed inside or outside your library for maximum benefit to your users.

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Optimum Storage Conditions

holdIT includes thermostatically-controlled temperature management as standard.

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Maximise Resources

Free up library staff from the returns process, reducing risk of RSI and allowing your team to focus their time on engaging with patrons and assisting with the wide range of services available from modern libraries.

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Available in Wide Colour Range

holdIT is available in a wide range of colours. Use our NEW online colour selector to see what yours could look like.

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How does it holdIT?

1. Simply scan the item

2. holdIT prints a receipt with barcode, item and locker number to attach to the item

3. When you have a full trolley of items ready to load, simply scan the item receipt and holdIT automatically unlocks the correct locker

4. Place item into the open holdIT locker

5. Close the door – the reserved books are now secure! Ready for collection by their assigned borrower

How does it dispense it?

1. Your user scans their library or user card

2. holdIT displays available items on its easy-to-use touchscreen display

3. Your user confirms the item they wish to collect

4. holdIT opens the correct locker and your user has their item

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Extend library lending hours today with no additional staff, thanks to holdIT from D-Tech.

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