Supporting School Library Services

Helping Schoolchildren Engage with Reading

Supporting School Library Services

D-Tech is proud to support school libraries across the UK with our leading range of library technology solutions and unrivalled aftercare.

• Helping schools to protect their library assets

• Supporting school librarians in their vital role of helping pupils engage in the multitude of benefits reading has to offer, whatever stage of their journey

“The school library can be about many things – it can promote and support leisure-time reading, contribute to the social development of the students in the school and provide a place to study and do homework.” CILIP

Improving access to digital learning resources

RFID Security systems for your library

Protecting your library assets 

D-Tech’s range of secureIT systems caters for school libraries of any capacity or requirements. Our budget-friendly security solutions allow you to maximise your resources by devoting every penny of your security spending on keeping your library materials safe.


The secureIT m-Series streamlines features to deliver the capabilities you need to protect your library within your budget, in durable yet stylish package.

• Antenna system secures your library perimeter with enhanced alarm handling capabilities
• Modern design of metal frame delivers style and durability
• Prevention of lost assets delivers ROI on initial outlay


The secureIT p-Series combines enhanced alarm handling capabilities with durable Plexiglas and sleek stainless steel to deliver the market-leading library security solution.

• Top of the range solution
• Perimeter-based protection
• Enhanced Alarm Handling Capabilities

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Simple, Secure, Self-Service Lending

D-Tech’s serveIT range of self-service checkout solutions allows students to quickly and securely checkout and return library items without any assistance when staff are busy with another pupil, reducing waiting times and ensuring that every schoolchild is able to go home with the books they need.

Plus, when combined with a reliable library security system, you can be assured that none of your books or other assets are leaving your library unless they’re supposed to.


The serveIT TOLKIEN is a flexible, cost-effective counter or desktop self-service checkout kiosk which is specifically designed to slot easily into any library, without the need for changes to existing layout for furniture.

The TOLKIEN, named in recognition of one of history’s most iconic authors, includes an easy to use 22” touch screen, and the RFID element provides enhanced protection and throughput.

As with all D-Tech products, the TOLKIEN comes with our full support service and two year warranty.

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Borrow & renew library items using only an app

Students can scan and checkout books in one seamless operation using just their smartphone, thanks to appIT – available now on the App Store and Play Store

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Library Management Solutions


Operating as an out-of-sight or desktop processing solution, D-Tech’s processIT S4 Workstation enables you to programme stock and, thanks to its unique one-read-location ability, simultaneously process multiple items with no false reads. The S4 Workstation is available with a standard antenna, or a shielded antenna for a more finely focused detection field.


Simple, compatible RFID labels suitable for today’s multimedia library offering.

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