Supporting University Library Services

Facilitating improved learning resources

Donald Tapscott, author of the book, Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation considers today’s learning generation to be so surrounded by digital media that, “technology is like the air.” The access to technology is so engrained, that the idea of learning without it doesn’t compute. When digital learning is such an integral educational resource, granting access to all is vital.

D-Tech is proud to support universities across the UK, helping to deliver:

– 24-hour learning environments

– Improved access to learning resources

– Modern, multi-functional study spaces for students

Improving access to digital learning resources

Supporting Digital Learning 24/7

Many of D-Tech’s university clients are currently using computeIT – our self-service laptop and device solution – to deliver 24/7 access to online and digital learning resources to their students.

computeIT allows your students to borrow, and return, laptops, or similar devices such as tablets and iPads, at any time simply by using their student ID card. computeIT is a 24/7 capable solution. So, if your physical library or knowledge services are open to students 24/7, you can now give them secure, round the clock access to your digital resources too. Plus, because computeIT integrates with your user account network, your staff have continuous access to your device loan records via a web-based portal.

With its steel chassis and ID access, computeIT operates as a secure charging location when your facility’s devices are not in use – and ensures they are fully-charged when your students need them.

computeIT is a modular system, starting from 12 device bays, so can be tailored to suit the requirements of any learning facility, and its user bays are designed as the optimum size to cater for most makes and models of laptop, netbook, PC tablet or iPads.

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Enabling self-service

When students require library access 24 hours a day, it is important that universities offer a reliable, secure solution to facilitate self-issue and ensure security of assets.

Next generation self-service kiosks

D-Tech’s serveIT range of self-service checkout solutions allows students to quickly and securely checkout and return library items without any assistance from staff, improving the overall library experience by reducing unnecessary wait times for the borrower and creating additional time for staff to deliver a variety of services.

serveIT integrates with the university’s user account network and library security system to ensure only that any items leaving your library have been correctly checked out.

Students can also use serveIT to make reservations, order books or other items and discover more about the knowledge services on offer at your university.

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Borrow & renew library items using only an app

Students can scan and checkout books in one seamless operation using just their smartphone, thanks to appIT – available now on the App Store and Play Store

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Securing your learning assets

Knowledge may be your most valuable resource but knowing that is no compensation when it comes to re-stocking your library’s lost or stolen items. D-Tech’s range of library security solutions can help you protect all your university’s most valuable learning resources.

secureIT with D-Tech

D-Tech’s range of secureIT systems caters for libraries of any capacity, requirements or budget. From enhanced, high-end solutions to simple, yet effective systems, secureIT helps libraries protect resources and save money.

Security is a vital partner of self-service and the stylish secureIT range integrates seamlessly with D-Tech’s full range of self-service solutions including serveIT checkout kiosks and computeIT device lending. Access to integral learning resources, such as laptops, is a great learning asset for students but IT equipment can also represent a large financial outlay.

When used in combination with computeIT, secureIT allows you to control when, where and if your organisation’s valuable IT assets leave the premises. Plus for additional security, you can even choose to allow borrowed devices to be used only within certain areas of your facility.

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Easily update your catalogue

Keeping your catalogue up to date is vital for the learning of your students as changes occur to your syllabus or course content.


Operating as an out-of-sight or desktop processing solution, D-Tech’s processIT S4 Workstation enables you to programme stock and, thanks to its unique one-read-location ability, simultaneously process multiple items with no false reads.

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Simple, compatible, durable RFID labels suitable for multimedia library items.

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Industry-Leading Customer Service

Excellent customer service with an emphasis on direct contact and support has been crucial to our success. We believe that our job is to provide our customers with the very best care so that they can maintain service levels to their customers. In the words of one of our satisfied customers “D-Tech understood what our success meant to us.”