What are the benefits of people counting for retail businesses?

Identify consumer shopping trendscountIT’s unrivalled 99.5% accuracy and raft of additional features such as dwell detection, height data and in-built heat mapping allows your store or facility manager to identify and optimise store layout, product placement as well as promotion positioning.


Streamlined staffingcountIT can provide you with quarterly footfall data so that you can anticipate demand, optimise your staff scheduling for busier periods and in turn improve your customer experience by reducing waiting times.

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How could live occupancy monitoring and altering create value for your retail business?

countIT LIVE delivers real time entry alerts to give your customers confidence that they can safely enter your store. It’s intuitive traffic light indicating dashboard makes altering straightforward.

Accessible on any WIFI enabled device and suitable for stores with multiple entrances, countIT LIVE’s inbuilt advanced functionality allows you to accurately monitor dwell time whilst detecting staff to exclude them from occupancy rates. 


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