D-Tech is fully committed to offering the very best support to all our customers so that they can continue to offer the best service to yours. We have a workforce of regional engineers and also engineers based at our headquarter locations.  Plus, we have the expertise of all our software developers at hand to ensure that there is absolutely no gap in the service we offer. We can guarantee to de-bug software within an hour.

We are a technology company and all our products are designed and developed by D-Tech. That means you can be fully confident that we will respond¬†or make changes confidently backed by our technical expertise and without having to look elsewhere for answers.¬†¬†Manufacturing our own products also means that we always have a full range of spares ¬†in stock — no waiting, no hassle. We dispatch stock within 24 hours.

All our products are backed by returns, guarantees and warranties.  We also provide full paperwork and manuals including training manuals and documentation and we are committed to our own staff staff development.  We offer full on site training, system health check and because of our extensive technical knowledge and expertise, we can fully support other supplier systems.

Our customer service extends to our service team, help desks, and our new ticketing support system for registered customers.  We are approved under many framework agreements and have long standing partnerships and memberships of many cross sector association and professional organizations.

We offer different levels of coverage including a 24/7 support manager option which reduces downtime in service to your patrons.

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