D-Tech Plexiglas antenna with lighting

RFIQ™ is the most advanced school security system for the protection of library items designed and developed by D-Tech. The system delivers perimeter-based protection and improved alarm handling capability. RFIQ also provides a migratable path to RFID when budgets allow. Using the same labels as an RFID  system but no software, this technology has been the best-selling security system in the US.

Combined with our new M180 antenna which itself is very cost-effective, the RFIQ system, with labels and staff pad, costs less than the EM systems currently available.  Ongoing costs are less and the system can be upgraded to RFID at a later stage allowing the reading of items with the wand for stocktaking and searching.  This is an ideal package for schools and colleges, with very high detection, no false alarms, and antenna that can space over 1.6m.

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Security systems machines for Libraries and Schools


D-Tech have been designing, refining, manufacturing and installing specialist security systems since 2002. Our  range of products are at the forefront of technology and quality for library security in Europe and the USA.

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RFID and RFIQ labels


The main component of any RFID / RFIQ system is the label itself. Without the label the rest of the system cannot function. D-Tech’s  RFID / RFIQ labels are ISO 18000-3 and ISO 15693 compliant and come with a 40-year guarantee.

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Accessories and consumables for RFID systems


D-Tech Shop: Your online resource for all accessories and consumables to complement your system. Purchase direct online; labels, dispensers, DVD & CD cases, system spares, accessories and even gifts.

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