RFID security gate systems for libraries

secureIT with D-Tech

How secure are your library assets?

D-Tech’s secureIT range of security gates and systems cater for the security requirements of every library – from enhanced, high-end equipment to simple yet effective, budget conscious library security systems.

Did you know? There is a national average loss of 6.28 million items per year across US libraries.

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How will secureIT benefit your library or public space?

No More Lost Items

First and foremost, secureIT will save you money by ensuring valuable equipment and assets stay inside your library, and reducing costs for replacement of lost stock.

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Security meets Style

The stylish design of secureIT security systems creates an obvious deterrent without negatively affecting your library aesthetic.

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Comprehensive Security Solution

secureIT security gates links easily with computeIT and countIT to ensure valuable equipment, and valuable people, are safe inside your library.

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Simple Compatibility

Compatible with D-Tech 13.56 MHz RFID labels and items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers.

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D-Tech's RFID-Powered Security Systems

RFID - secureIT p-Series

This modern and attractive clear panel design with our unique internal lighting not only offers superior detection but perfectly integrates with any library environment. The RFID gate reduces theft or accidental removal of library items by detecting RFID tags in any orientation. Once detected, the adjustable alert provides an immediate audible and/or visual warning. The visual warning can also be adjusted to allow for different color displays.

The solution provides ultra high performance in read range and speed. Checked out Items can pass through but RFID tags that are checked In are instantaneously detected regardless of orientation.

Each gate has an option to include an integrated bi-directional people counter, this allows staff to easily view and analyze both inbound and outbound library traffic patterns. D-Tech can also supply state-of-the-art thermal imaging people counters that not only count in and out but also by direction, data is sorted and can be accessed by our web application.

The standard combination is two gates. However multiple gates can be connected to allow for wider areas to be protected. The solution also comes standard with our GateVeiwer software, this allows staff to identify the items alarming the system via there staff PC. Information such as title/s of items, date, time, barcode number and gate name.

Unlike other vendors we design and manufacture our gates for simple set-up and maintenance. With this low maintenance solution we can offer a lower ongoing cost option to all our customers.

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RFID - MonoGate

secureIT MonoGate is a superior wide aisle modern and attractive clear panel designed system that offers superior detection providing coverage of up to 6.5′ between 2 antenna, head to toe security detection and perfectly integrates with any library environment. Due to the unique nature of the MonoGate – this advanced security management system is the only one of its kind – a single antenna offers up to 4′ each side. When protecting a larger area less antennas are needed, reducing the risk for the visually impaired (no middle antenna needed) and making MonoGate ideal for ADA compliance. 

The RFID gate reduces theft or accidental removal of library items by detecting RFID tags in any orientation. Once detected, the adjustable alert provides an immediate audible and/or visual warning. 

Due to the specifics of its environment, the exact capability of your security detection system may vary. Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss your requirements.

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EM Monogate Range

Are you looking for an EM library security system?

The EM Monogate range is exclusive to D-Tech. It features two models of reliable security gate systems which are designed to replace defunct 3M or EM installations.

Both the EM Monogate and the EM Monogate Hybrid EM-RFID are compatible with your current tags, with the latter able to detect RFID tags as well as EM tags.

The range has a powerful detection performance of eight tags per second and an optional people counter function is also available.

As a valued D-Tech customer, you will receive first-class service and installation with ongoing support and technical advice.

Key Features

• Work with existing tags (no retagging required)
• Expert support with installation and transition
• Lower ongoing costs
• Lower power consumption than other EM systems
• Integrated people counter (optional)
• Ongoing technical support included
• Works with all library RFID tags (Hybrid EM-RFID version only)
• GateViewer software application collates and identifies all alarm incidents,
with connection and troubleshooting status to installed system.
(Hybrid EM-RFID version only)
• EM and RFID tags detected (Hybrid EM-RFID version only)

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D-Tech kits out LAMDA’s Sackler Library with the latest RFID Technology

D-Tech International integrated an RFID installation including security gates with the library’s new LMS.

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