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is an advanced library building management solution, enhancing the existing library infrastructure. allows you to automatically control the length of time that users can experience in a library.

The solution is capable of managing all services enabling extended unstaffed access on days and times of your choice. will allow your library service to evolve and extend into the community, providing an opportunity for new libraries to open and remain open longer.

Due to the evolving demands and pressures to offer an extended service, with the use of technology D-Tech are able to allow use of the library in unmanned hours. allows the library the flexibility to open and close before and after manned hours. The library is automatically controlled and monitored out of operation hours, allowing registered patrons access to the library and use all of the library’s services. We understand that all libraries are individual and we can tailor to suit your needs.

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  • Extended library opening hours for patrons, allowing libraries the ability to provide library services 365 days of the year with reduced costs
  • Opening your doors using the latest technologies
  • Community access for local activities
  • Gives the patrons a postivie experience
  • Opening doors to allow library services to open more libraries
  • Budget Friendly solutions for all libraries
  • Allowing new and enhanced staffing models