trackIT™ – RFID Labels

D-Tech’s RFID range of labels provides a label for most formats of stock.

Labels come in a variety of shape design and formats suitable for virtually all modern and current library materials.

All of D-Tech’s labels have been matched to the hardware components to provide the best level of performance.


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  • Works with complete range of D-Tech 13.5 MHz RFID labels as well as items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers.
  • D-Tech’s uptake of RFID standards in this sector keeps their data model developments open to ISO 28560-2 standards.
  • Data model developments undertaken also to open standards.
  • Specialised labels for CD and DVD developments allows for most media sets to be protected directly.
  • AFI and EAS security bit supported on label chips.
  • Labels guaranteed for up to 40 years as a minimum when used with most library materials including archive, special and local history collections, paper, plastic and other special material.
  • Possess anti-collision capability for multi-part items.


Ring: Size: 1.5″Ø                      Life: 40Y
Video: Size: 2″ x 3″                    Life: 40Y
CD/DVD: Size: 4.6″Ø                      Life 40Y
Book: Size: 2″x 3″                      Life: 40Y
Materials: Copper or aluminium coil and bonded chip attachment
Electronics: Passive conductive circuit

System process

Each StaffPad provided can be deployed onto a staff PC connected to the network and the SIP2 address needs to be known.

  • Take multimedia item off shelf
  • Scan barcode (if on weeding list warning is given) set aside and carry on
  • Programme labels first
  • Process with label
  • Place book item back on shelf
  • Take book item off shelf
  • Scan barcode(if on, weeding list warning is given) set aside and carry on
  • Process with label
  • Programme
  • Place book back on shelf

NB:Two to three members to the team assures good workflow.


  • Recommended AFI mode supported for GateViewer attribute but the EAS security feature is also supported.


The label location and process is to be detailed and decided upon by the D-Tech RFID project manager
liaising with the client.