processIT™ – S4 workstation system

D-Tech’s range provides users with the ability to program stock during the RFID tagging process using the accompanying D-Tech label conversion software. Another benefit of the is its function as a staff workstation, to issue, return and renew single or multiple items when required. The invaluable aspect of the D-Tech is in its unique ability to read items only located above it, preventing misreads from stock stored beside or below the pad.

Packaged in a durable and stylish cover with attractive desktop or under-slung antenna possibilities, the units provide an aesthetically-pleasing design to any workstation.

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  • Works with complete range of D-Tech 13.5 MHz RFID labels as well as items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers.
  • D-Tech’s advanced digital radio frequency technology identification technology to ensure superior detection with false read-free protection at the staff station.
  • Small and compact for those ‘busy’ workspaces and high traffic areas.
  • Standard open reader where reading of labels is required to be flexible and spurious but controlled.
  • Mounts as a “desktop” or “beneath out of sight” unit.
  • Integrates with ILS client GUI with smartcache concept backed with SIP2 integration and manual modes available.
  • Utilises dual stock conversion and circulation abilities through D-Tech’s smart applications.
  • Weeding list and user logins for statistical information.
  • ISO28560-2 Data Model encoding.


Height: Reader: 1.2″     Antenna: 0.5″
Width: Reader: 3.3″     Antenna: 10.8″
Depth: Reader: 5.7″     Antenna: 13.7″
Weight: Reader: 0.9lbs  Antenna: 4.4lbs
Materials: Acrylic glass, Plastic SB—Lower part, Zinced steel—RAL 9003 (white)
Power Supply: 12—24vdc low voltage power adapter, Transmitter power 1.5w
Electronics: RFID reader ISO 15693—13.56MHz
FCC Part 15
UL, CE Approvals
Interface (USB)
System: USB 2.0 connection to staff workstation.