Unique read ability makes processing simple

What is processIT?

Programme and process stock simply and stylishly with processIT from D-Tech.

The processIT S4 Workstation allows librarians to programme stock as well as issue, return or renew multiple items.

Process multiple items easily with no false reads thanks to the S4’s unique one-read-location ability, which scans only above the processIT reader. No more misreads from stock stored near, next to or under the workstation.

Operating as an out-of-sight or attractive desktop processing solution, flaunting a stylish yet durable cover, this multi-functional processing solution also makes an aesthetic addition to any library.

How will processIT benefit your library?

Unique Read Ability

The invaluable aspect of the D-Tech processIT is in it’s unique ability to read items only located above it, preventing misreads from stock stored beside or below the pad.

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Flexible Solution

processIT is compatible with the complete range of labels including D-Tech RFID and approved labels from book suppliers.

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Simple Tagging

RFID stock tagging is simple using the accompanying D-Tech label conversion software.

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Multi-Functional Solution

processIT allows your library staff to easily issue, renew and return multiple items simultaneously.

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