lendIT and holdIT automated dispensing machines

Self-service library holding and lending anywhere

Looking to extend your library service?

Whilst HoldIT gives you the flexibility to allow access to patron holds 24/7, inside and outside the library, lendIT offers patrons access to library materials at any time through state of the art book lending kiosks.

lendIT and HoldIT allows you to share your library with a wider audience, spreading the love for learning and launching the quest for knowledge into a wider catchment area by making libraries accessible in new locations.

What is lendIT?

lendIT™ is a state-of-the-art library item vending kiosk which dispenses items to library patrons anywhere in your service area. This could be in your local hospital, train or bus stations, government office buildings, community centers, malls and shopping centers; locations are only limited by your imagination!.

Its modular design allows for easy add-on options such as payments for usage and/or fines and fees, CCTV, glass doors and heating and cooling. Unlike other low-cost lending kiosks made from wooden structures and susceptible to vandalism, lendIT™ is manufacture with a steel structure, ideal for Universities, public libraries and public areas.

lendIT™ is available with a capacity of 200, 500 or 1000 items and can hold items consisting of books, CD’s and DVDs.

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What is holdIT?

The holdIT™ automated self-service holds kiosk facilitates extended library hours by providing a self-service holds pick-up point that can be positioned in either internal or external environments.

The holdIT™ automated self-service holds kiosk allows library staff to remotely load lockers with hold’s items with our loaning application. Just scan the item in the application. holdIT™ allocates a locker and prints a receipt with a barcode — the receipt will indicate the items and locker number. Once a bin is full of items ready to be loaded into the holdIT, the staff member has to just scan the barcode on the receipt that is attached to the reserved item and it will automatically unlock the correct locker, place the item in and close the door.

The user simply scans their user card and the screen will display the items with in the lockers, the lockers will open and the items are checked out.

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Transport library lending to any location

Hospitals, Hospices and Retirement Homes


Train Stations, Bus Stations and other Transport Hubs


Public, Government & Council Buildings


Shopping Centres and Retail Parks


Community Centres, Sports and Social Clubs


Or anywhere else you fancy reading a good book!


Your library vending machine

Improve Contact Reducing Capabilities

To help libraries deliver contactless lending, D-Tech’s lendIT kiosks can now be set to hold items for 72 hours between being placed in the secure locker and becoming available to borrowers, to reduce any potential contamination.

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Easy to Use

Easy-to-use touch screen menu provides search options of materials, accessed using library, user or system ID card.

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Ergonomic Design

lendIT is ergonomically designed with particular care to make it easy for librarians to load items and retrieve returns.

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Increased Functionality

lendIT includes check out and return functions, including reservations as standard. And Includes easy add-ons such as payments for fines and fees.

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Flexible Modular System

lendIT is available in a variety of sizes to meet each module’s unique lending requirements – choose between modules capable of vending 200, 400, 600, 800 to 1000 items

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Eco Friendly

lendIT comes with a low carbon footprint thanks to eco-conscious design & manufacture

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D-Tech's Library book vending machine - How does it work?

The lendIT’s incorporated software uses flowcontrol and can display titles, images and captions. Users can also search for item by Title, Author or Subject, once an item is selected lendIT locates the item and delivers it to the user via the access door.