Accurate people counting technology you can count on

What is countIT?

Accurate, privacy protecting library patron counters

You can count on countIT. Accurate, privacy retaining thermal people counting technology from D-Tech, utilising thermal imaging to deliver 99.5% accuracy.

The award-winning technology, already widely used by major retailers to anticipate checkout demand, delivers fast, accurate data from up to 100 discreet, ceiling mounted counters from 30 locations directly to you.

How could countIT create value for you?

Improved Accuracy - 99.5% Accuracy over a 30-metre area

Accurately measure footfall using award-winning thermal imaging software.

Why is accuracy important?

A seemingly minimal increase in accuracy from 90% to 99.5% is the difference between failing to register 1 in 10 people entering your facility, and 1 in 200 – which amounts to a difference of 19 in only 200. How many people enter your facility in a week, a month, or even a year? The growing gap in your data soon becomes a considerable issue.

The unrivalled 99.5% accuracy delivered by countIT and countIT LIVE dramatically reduces error build up, providing you with a significant increase in data integrity. This, of course, makes your data much more valuable for a variety of purposes, from auditing, compliance and insurance reasons to strategic planning and operational decisions.

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Evidence your Success

Evidence your visitor numbers to justify additional or retains funding via donations and grants. Data from countIT is easily exported into Excel to help you transform your raw data into compelling visual evidence such as graphs, charts and pivot tables.

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Streamlined Staffing

Detect visitor trends by you identifying your busy and quiet periods

countIT helps you to streamline your staffing resources by anticipating demand and in turn improve your user or customer experience by reducing waiting times.

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Protect Privacy

Discreet, unobtrusive and retains the privacy of your visitors

countIT LIVE’s anonymous sensor technology uses no cameras or video and collects no personal information, protecting the privacy of your patrons.

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countIT LIVE™

Live Occupancy Monitoring & Alerting

countIT LIVE is a real time occupancy monitoring and alerting solution to ensure safe entrance to any facility. Simple to self-install, countIT LIVE is fully operational within 30 minutes of opening the box and its privacy-protecting 99.5% accuracy is unrivalled.

Accessible on any WiFi enabled device and suitable for buildings with multiple entrances, countIT LIVE’s advanced functionality allows for dwell time monitoring and can even detect staff to exclude from occupancy data.

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