Accurate people counting technology you can count on

What is countIT?

Accurate, privacy protecting library patron counters

You can count on countIT. Accurate, privacy retaining thermal people counting technology from D-Tech, utilising thermal imaging to deliver 99.5% accuracy.

The award-winning technology, already widely used by major retailers to anticipate checkout demand, delivers fast, accurate data from up to 100 discreet, ceiling mounted counters from 30 locations directly to you.

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How could countIT create value for you?

Accurately measure footfall using award-winning thermal imaging software.

Identify consumer trends – countIT’s unrivalled 99.5% accuracy and raft of additional features such as dwell detection, height data and in-built heat mapping allows your facility manager to identify and optimise layout, product placement as well as promotion positioning.


Streamlined staffing – countIT can provide you with quarterly footfall data so that you can anticipate demand, optimise your staff scheduling for busier periods and in turn improve your customer experience by reducing waiting times.

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Evidence your Success

Evidence your visitor numbers to justify additional or retains funding via donations and grants. Data from countIT is easily exported into Excel to help you transform your raw data into compelling visual evidence such as graphs, charts and pivot tables.

Most libraries have a general idea of the traffic in and out of their facilities, but library people counting products gather definitive data, giving you hard numbers you can use to make strategic decisions. Combining D-Tech’s countIT people counters and people counting software, you can begin to understand patterns, trends and opportunities.

Data can also be compared with the same period last year with a click of a button. All data is also backed-up in our cloud, so you can be certain never to miss any information 24/7.

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Protect Privacy

Discreet, unobtrusive and retains the privacy of your visitors

countIT’s anonymous sensor technology uses no cameras or video and collects no personal information, protecting the privacy of your patrons.

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Why should you use countIT people counting technology?

– Transmits data directly to a web browser application

– Improved accuracy over traditional beam technology

– High-performance software

– Option to view real-time data across multiple locations

– Wide range of settings and collection options

– Data link to monitor traffic trends

– Small, compact, quiet and unobtrusive

– Directional counting allowing monitoring of patron movements

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