SMART lockers to suit any requirement

Secure, multi-functional and, most of all, smart locker solutions

Whether you’re looking for device charging lockers, media vending, or self-service capabilities, D-Tech’s all-in-one SMART range allows you to mix and match features to create your perfect smart locker solution.

The SMART Range of capabilities


Pick Up Lockers with SMART Holding

Enable intelligent, self-service capability for smart locker solutions

SMART Charge

IT Asset Management with SMART Charging

Create a secure, centralized IT asset management environment


Lend anything, anywhere with SMART Lending

Simple smart lending of any item to authorized users, any time or anywhere!



Enable self-service RFID lending within your smart locker

mix and match any SMART capability to create your perfect all-in-one SMART locker

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How do SMART Lockers work?

Thanks to a network of connected, secure SMART lockers, controlled remotely via locker management software, you can give authorized users secure yet simple access to any locker within your estate. The SMART remote locker management software allows for easy usage monitoring, helping to cut asset losses, and delivers valuable insights into the usage of your SMART locker solution.

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How could SMART Lockers benefit your organisation?

Smart lockers are already delivering enormous benefits to organisations globally across all sectors, including:

  • Generates huge time savings on locker administration
  • Flexible usage across all sectors
  • Integrates with your existing Database Management Software via Active Director – Libraries only: Integrates with your existing LMS/ILS
  • D-Tech’s trademark exceptional aftercare – 98% of our customers said the support they received in 2022 was ‘Awesome’ – includes a lifetime warranty on all D-tech parts

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Customize your SMART locker:

  • Available in a wide range of finishes including our fully customizable wrapping service and LED backlighting color selection
  • Multiple locker sizes available to facilitate secure lending of the widest possible range of items
  • Available from 9 to 100+ bays
  • Wide range of intelligent access options includes ID card (inc. RFID and Smart Card), Barcode scan, Mifare and more
  • Modular, multi-bay locker solution allows for the simple addition of new lockers of any SMART capability at a later date

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I need more than one capability – can I combine them in a single smart locker?

With the D-Tech SMART range, the answer is a resounding yes! Because we design, develop and build all of our SMART range solutions in-house and to order, we can combine all the capabilities you require into a single, smart locker solution.

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Why choose D-Tech SMART Lockers?

Our SMART Lockers are


The chassis of our SMART Lockers is built using heavy gauge steel, which is seam welded to add extra strength and durability to your unit – making SMART one of the most secure and robust locker kiosk solutions on the market. For additional security, the kiosk is specifically designed to minimize any gaps between the doors of each locker bay, which are secured by heavy duty locks boasting a tensile strength exceeding 300kg – ensuring devices are only accessed by authorized users.

Simple to Manage Remotely

Thanks to a fully cloud-based backend.

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Our SMART Lockers offer an


D-Tech’s range of SMART Lockers provide the perfect solution for either an external installation outside or within your facility.

With a weather-resistant, anti-corrosive frame, and market-leading security features, your SMART kiosk can securely live outside whatever the conditions – D-Tech has lockers installed everywhere from Alaska to Arizona!

Use our 1000+ nit touchscreen in direct sunlight

Add in the option to include a 1000+ nit touchscreen that enables successful interactions even in in direct sunlight.

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Our SMART Lockers are


Flexibility is one of the leading features of D-Tech’s SMART locker range. Available from 9 to 100+ SMART Lockers of any capability, with a wide range of intelligent access options including ID card, Barcode scan, Mifare and many more. Plus, because SMART is a modular, multi-bay kiosk solution, it’s easy to add more lockers at any time!

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Our SMART Lockers can


Individual user bays are the optimum size to securely store and charge the leading models of laptops, tablets, chromebooks & other IT devices from all leading manufacturers.

SMART locker’s safe power management system delivers a range of safe charging options, allowing you to charge all devices quickly and simultaneously without worrying about overcharging, blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers. SMART’s USB-C connections are also configured to charge 5, 9, 15 or 20V without the need for reconfiguration or new power units.

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Our SMART Lockers are


At D-Tech, we believe that accessibility and inclusivity should be placed at the centre of all present and future technology solutions. With this in mind, the SMART range includes many accessibility features to ensure that it is always an inclusive solution.

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SMART Features:

  • Intuitive user operation via a superior touchscreen interface, including 1000+ nit option for external installations – enabling use in any lighting conditions including direct sunlight
  • Weather-resistant, anti-corrosive steel lockers enable external installation of applicable SMART locker configurations for a true 24/7 secure solution
  • Intelligent access options
  • Simple operation for authorized personnel and service users
  • Ultra-secure lockers & audit trail provide the perfect storage environment for sensitive or high-value assets
  • Simple remote management thanks to a fully cloud-based backend

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