D-Tech Revisits the American University of Rome to Extend Library Student Services

“The idea of having a self-service laptop checkout unit is a great idea, and I’m surprised more universities haven’t embraced it."

The Library

Founded in 1969, The American University of Rome overlooks the historic city centre. Located at the top of Rome’s highest hill, the university offers spectacular views of the city. A relatively small student community of 500 undergraduates and postgraduates, AUR provides a blend of American liberal arts with career preparation and has been delivering this unique educational experience for over 50 years, welcoming students from over 40 countries.

The Challenge

Having previously worked with D-Tech during a refurbishment of their computer suite in which 55 computers were removed, AUR returned to D-Tech for a second computeIT unit to expand their multi-functional classroom and study spaces. After an increase in student enrolment, the University required extra classrooms and study space to accommodate for the influx in students, so decided to extend its library space and transform the space into a hybrid study classroom. AUR needed to find a solution to provide students with the opportunity to check out a laptop/PC, which prompted its return to D-Tech for a second computeIT unit.

Customer Comments

Rosa Fusco, Director of Computer Services said, “Having already worked with D-Tech, I was familiar with the product, knew that it worked and was aware of how it integrated into our active directory. It allowed our students to swipe their cards to be able to check out, and so I felt confident to go with the same system.”

“We did encounter a couple of installation and supply chain issues due to the pandemic, but the team at D-Tech were able to provide troubleshooting support to resolve these issues.”

“The idea of having a self-service laptop checkout unit is a great idea, and I’m surprised more universities haven’t embraced it. The D-Tech software is simple to manage, it’s straightforward, and our students use it without any issues.”

The Results

To resolve AUR’s dilemma, D-Tech supplied a second self-service laptop kiosk, complete with a card reader, advanced software functionality and eight individual lockers. Fully integrated with the University’s network, the students are free to come and go as they please to check out their laptops with a simple scan of their AUR ID card.

Rosa Fusco commented, “We’ve not had any problems with our first unit; it’s always been a popular unit. It’s in a very popular location, and so it gets used a lot. The feedback from faculty and students is always positive, as they all tell me what a great service it is.”

D-Tech is pleased to have offered solutions for a returning customer and provide faster access to laptops that can be used anywhere in the building and improved student experiences with rapid laptop deployment.

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