RF technology is simple, robust and reliable. RF is often used in reference libraries and more commonly in retail environments. We fully support all labels and hold a wide range of label stock including pockets and C-Cards.

We can also supply RF accessories and support.

RF Labels – Clear Pocket (Polypockets), C-Cards (datedue cards)

D-Tech can supply C-Pocket and C-Cards (Polypockets – datedue cards). We deliver various designs and delivery is within two weeks of order.

Call us today for a competitive price on all your RF label needs.

We also supply 50×50 or 40×40 plain or barcoded 8.2/10.0/10.5 Mhz labels

RF Pulse™ Security antenna

D-Tech RF Security systems are modern and stylish. The system can be ordered in different colours and detection levels are over 90%. The antenna can be set at 1.8m between centres.

The following frequencies are available  8.2Mhz / 9.5Mhz / 10.0Mhz /10.5Mhz.

Compatible with Checkpoint™ security systems.

For more information on our RF range please contact us or browse and purchase directly on www.d-techshop.com

For sales and enquiries please call:

01394 420077

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Security systems machines for Libraries and Schools


D-Tech have been designing, refining, manufacturing and installing specialist security systems since 2002. Our  range of products are at the forefront of technology and quality for library security in Europe and the USA.

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RFID and RFIQ labels


The main component of any RFID / RFIQ system is the label itself. Without the label the rest of the system cannot function. D-Tech’s  RFID / RFIQ labels are ISO 18000-3 and ISO 15693 compliant and come with a 40-year guarantee.

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Accessories and consumables for RFID systems


D-Tech Shop: Your online resource for all accessories and consumables to complement your system. Purchase direct online; labels, dispensers, DVD & CD cases, system spares, accessories and even gifts.

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