Managed Service Add-On

Fully managed software for your self-service solutions

We’d like to introduce you to our new managed software service. Available as an add-on to all D-Tech self-service customers, this service is designed to support you and your IT department with the secure, up to date deployment of your self-service software.

What is included in our fully managed software add-on service?

Advanced Software Management

Our service and aftercare team can handle the continued deployment of all necessary Microsoft Windows updates on any D-Tech self-service solutions. Your D-Tech support team will ensure that your Windows operating system is always up to date, including tested patches and future service packs, and in turn prevent vulnerabilities and improve your security posture.

Fully Managed Anti-Virus Protection

We can supply and deploy Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus to any self-service solutions supplied by D-Tech under management, ensuring easy policy configuration and enhanced device security for the duration of the contract.

How will this fully managed service benefit you?

Deployments can be scheduled to occur on dates and times suitable for you – to ensure your staff and patrons enjoy uninterrupted access to the most up to date software. Plus, your D-Tech support team can provide:

  • Unobtrusive support for diagnostics and fault finding
  • Promptly resolve customer issues swiftly
  • Realtime monitoring and alerts

This service is available for just £6.45 per self-service unit per month

For a minimum contract term of 12-months

How to add your fully managed software service

Simply let us know when it comes to renewing your service and maintenance contracts, or call us today to find out more or arrange your managed add-on service.

01394 420 077