Thermal People Counter

Thermal Imaging People Counter

Visitor usage data is a very effective tool for public space buildings to monitor and evaluate footfall by location and at individual service points. With a 98% accuracy, the data provided by the thermal imaging people counter cannot be beaten by other counters on the market today. D-Tech’s people counter allows establishments to evaluate the peaks and troughs in user attendance and adjust their approach for a smarter and sharper service.

  • Transmits data directly to a web browser application
  • Improved accuracy over traditional beam technology
  • High performance software
  • Option to view real time data across multiple locations
  • Wide range of settings and collection options
  • Data link to monitor footfall trends
  • Small, compact, quiet and unobtrusive.

The software has been fully developed by D-Tech and all counters are IP based for easy connection to the network. 100 counters can be connected to a single software application making this system very flexible and cost effective.

D-Tech Standard People Counter

Standard People Counter Our standard people counters are small and unobtrusive and can be discreetly located within guide rails or posts to monitor the use of certain areas. Offering many of the features of the more sophisticated technologies our PP50 people counters are reliable, robust and come highly recommended. A great product brought to you with fantastic site service means that you can extract the maximum value from your investment in our people counters.

People Counting Systems

Track visitor usage and evaluate footfall with our  range of thermal imaging and standard people counters. Our powerful, unobtrusive systems report attendance with class-leading accuracy giving you valuable data via easy-to-use software.

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