Your Budget-Friendly Solution to Start Smart Device Sharing

Your Lower Cost Entry into Automated Device Sharing

Offering a balance between specification and price point, computeIT LITE is a budget-friendly way to introduce automated device lending to your library.

Despite being our entry-level computeIT solution, the LITE range operates with the LMS and computeIT Manager used in the comprehensive computeIT solution, delivering identical workflows, and even features the same high build quality of its parent range.

A lower-cost solution offering great functionality, combined with high build quality, computeIT LITE is your budget-friendly device sharing solution.


Loan up to 92 laptops

from a single install

To help you maximise floor space, compute LITE integrates an LCD touchscreen and eight locker bays integrated into a single terminal. A modular solution, the LITE range allows you to add up to seven additional towers of 12 lockers each to the main terminal, meaning each computeIT LITE is capable of delivering up to 92 device lending bays for your users.



Do you need in more lending bays? Click here for the computeIT parent product

computeIT LITE laptop loan lockers D-Tech

Time-Based Deployment

Never lend a device with low battery

Don’t make your users endure the frustration of checking out a device to work on, only for it to run out of battery minutes later. When a device is returned to the computeIT LITE lending bay, it is not made available for loan until a set amount of time has elapsed (often set to 60 or 90 minutes), to ensure that every device you lend a user is sufficiently charged to complete their task.


Interested in smart charge deployment? View computeIT parent product


computeIT LITE features

  • The 15” LCD touch screen (in laptop version – also available in 10” tablet version) is our smallest yet to give you more bays for your buck
  • Time-based deployment ensures devices are allowed time to recharge before being re-issued to your next user
  • 2 borrowing options
  • Email-only receipts allow for a lower contact environment and more eco-friendly device lending
  • Ranging from 8 lending bays to 92 allows for a smaller install while allowing for modular growth


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